OWLlink Extension:
Retraction HTTP/S-Expression Binding

Version 1.0
Working Group Recommendation 16 November 2009

This version:
Latest version:
Michael Wessel, Racer Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Contributors: (in alphabetic order)
Thorsten Liebig, Ulm University
Marko Luther, DOCOMO Euro-Labs Munich
Ralf Möller, Hamburg University of Technology
Olaf Noppens, Ulm University


OWLlink provides a declarative interface for – among other things – asserting OWL axioms to a Knowledge Base (KB) of an OWL reasoner. This OWLlink extension adds the ability to retract previously asserted axioms from KBs. This document describes the accompanying HTTP/S-Expression Binding of this extension.

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This extension is being published as one of a set of 4 documents:

  1. Retraction Structural Specification
  2. Retraction HTTP/XML Binding
  3. Retraction HTTP/Functional Binding
  4. Retraction HTTP/S-Expression Binding (this document)

1 HTTP/S-Expression Binding

The HTTP/S-Expression binding of this extension follows the guidelines of the [OWLlink HTTP/S-Expression Binding].

2 Example

The following example request message demonstrates the use of retraction using the S-Expression syntax. Please note the use of the NamespacePrefix OWLlink Functional message to declare a namespace prefix "ret" for the namespace <http://www.owllink.org/ext/retraction#>.

(NamespacePrefix () ret |http://www.owllink.org/ext/retraction#|)
(RequestMessage ()
  (CreateKB (:kb |http://www.owllink.org/examples/KB_ext1|))
  (Tell (:kb |http://www.owllink.org/examples/KB_ext1|)
  (GetInstances (:kb |http://www.owllink.org/examples/KB_ext1| :direct "false")
  (ret.Retract (:|http://www.owllink.org/ext/retraction#kb| "http://www.owllink.org/examples/KB_ext1")
  (GetInstances (:kb |http://www.owllink.org/examples/KB_ext1| :direct "false")
  (ReleaseKB (:kb |http://www.owllink.org/examples/KB_ext1|)))

The corresponding response message is shown below.

(ResponseMessage ()
  (KB (:kb |http://www.owllink.org/examples/KB_ext1|))
  (OK ())
  (SetOfIndividualSynsets ()
    (IndividualSynset ()
  (OK ())
  (SetOfIndividualSynsets ())
  (OK ()))

3 References

[OWLlink HTTP/S-Expression Binding]
OWLlink: HTTP/S-Expression Binding Michael Wessel. Working Group Recommendation, 16 November 2009, http://www.owllink.org/owllink-httpsexpr-20091116/. Latest version available at http://www.owllink.org/owllink-httpsexpr/.