OWLlink Extension:
Told HTTP/XML Binding

Working Draft October 2008

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Thorsten Liebig, Ulm University
Olaf Noppens, Ulm University
Marko Luther, DOCOMO Euro-Labs Munich


The OWLlink told extension provides a way for retrieving previously told KB axioms from an OWLLink reasoner. This document describes the accompanying HTTP/XML Binding of this extension.

Status of this Document

May Be Superseded

This version of the OWLlink structural specification refers to the public OWL 2 working draft as of April 11th 2008 (http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-owl2-syntax-20080411/) and will soon be superseded by an updated specification in order to align with the latest OWL 2 working draft or recommendation.

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This extension is being published as one of a set of 2 documents:

  1. Told Structural Specification
  2. Told HTTP/XML Binding (this document)

1 HTTP XML Binding

The HTTP XML binding of this extension follows the guidelines [
OWLlink HTTP/XML Binding] and consists of the following two documents:

2 References

[OWLlink HTTP/XML Binding]
OWLlink: HTTP/XML Binding. Sean Bechhofer, Thorsten Liebig, Marko Luther, Olaf Noppens. Working Draft, October 2008. http://www.owllink.org/owllink-httpxml-20081001/